Friday, June 24, 2005

For Immediate Release:
Media Contact:
Steve Geiselman Office 765-210-2419

Websites: (team) (League)

Team Address:
PO Box 485
Kokomo, IN 46903

Home Field:
Tri-Central High School
2115 West County Road, 500 North
Sharpsville, IN

Mustangs Host Jamboree on Saturday
The Indiana Mustangs are hosting a Jamboree this Saturday, June 25th, at Tri-Central High School. The Jamboree will include six teams, five from Indiana and one from Illinois, representing four different leagues. The teams will compete in a round-robin scrimmage that will allow each participant to play three different opponents. The activities begin at 4 pm and the teams participating are as follows: Indiana Mustangs (MCFL), Kosciusko County Mustangs (IFL), Randolph County Cougars (MFL), Force of Illinois (MSFL), Lake County Steelers (MSFL) and Indiana Titans (MSFL).

Tri-Central's football team will be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs during the Jamboree as well as providing concessions with all proceeds going to support the Tri-Central Booster Club. Admission is FREE and fans are welcome to bring their lawn chairs and sunscreen to enjoy some great football and probably one of the largest assemblies of adult amateur football in semi-pro history.

On Saturday morning, the Mustang cheer team will be washing cars at Dan Young in Tipton, IN. If you need a car wash, stop by Dan Young Saturday morning and the dealership will feed you while the cheerleaders wash your car for a goodwill donation. The cheer team is still accepting girls from 9 - 12 years old for the 2005 season. For more information, please contact the cheer coach, Lana Cruz at 317-770-3885.

The Mustangs are still looking for players, volunteers and sponsors. Please contact James Stamper @ 765-451-0790 if you are interested in becoming involved with the team this year.

Jamboree Schedule - June 25th 4 pm
We are excited to be hosting the first annual amateur football Jamboree this Saturday, June 25h at 4 pm. The Jamboree will be played at Tri-Central High School located in the cornfields of Indiana. Listed below are directions to the stadium from each teams' home city. The gates will be open to the stadium by 2 pm, and we are planning to have two certified trainers on site for taping. The trainers will be charging a nominal fee of $3 per item taped or $5 for both ankles. With 6 teams on site and over 200+ ball players participating in this event, we are going to need to stage teams for use of the locker rooms, showers, etc. We will forced to have a couple of teams finish up early, so they can get into the locker room, shower and head over to the pizza party. Therefore after your team showers, please make sure the players DON'T HANG around the field...we need the players to drive to the Ultimate Place 2B, so they can get a head start on the pizza staging the teams, we can better accommodate everyone without having a mad rush for showers and pizza's.

Tri-Central HS is located in the north part of Tipton County, approximately 6 miles

Please park ALL VEHICLES in the parking lot outside of the field just west of the school. There will probably be little league baseball games going on the same day, so you may have to park some distance away (additional parking is available in front and behind the school). Please watch for children and drive carefully. Our team has already been accused of driving recklessly on school grounds and this behavior will not be tolerated...reckless drivers will be arrested and any Mustang player caught driving bad on school property will be suspended from the team!

We have scheduled our team and individual player pictures prior to the scrimmage. I have spoke to our photographer, and he is willing to take individual pictures for other teams or players if anyone is interested. Our team photographer can print individual football cards or theme prints with your picture on the front of Sporting Magazine like Sports Illustrated. However, in order to have your picture taken, players should complete the attached order form and bring cash or checkbook. He will then mail your order directly to your home within 10 - 14 working days. If you want your own football card, this photographer does an excellent job and is very reasonable...if you are interested in having pictures, please complete and bring the attached form:

Tri-Central Football & Booster Club will be selling concessions including grilled hamburgers, brats and hot dogs.

The Marriott Courtyard is our recommended motel for any players planning to stay overnight. I have negotiated a special room rate of $69 + tax (just mentioned you are coming to town for the Jamboree football game) and the motel is within walking distance of the Ultimate Place 2B. This is a very nice motel in Kokomo, and I am asking each person who stays there to please be respectful of the other guests staying in the motel. Please remind each player that he is representing their respective team, league, community and our beloved sport.

For your special rate, please call the motel directly and mention the JAMBOREE (do NOT call the 800 number...this is a local discount):

Marriott Courtyard

Field 1 - Main Field
4:00 - 4:30 pm
Indiana Mustangs - Force of Illinois
4:40 - 5:10 pm
Randolph County Cougars - Lake County Steelers
5:20 - 5:50 pm
Kosciusko County Mustangs - Indiana Titans

Field 2 - Practice Field
4:00 - 4:30 pm
Randolph County Cougars - Indiana Titans
4:40 - 5:10 pm
Kosciusko County Mustangs - Force of Illinois
5:20 - 5:50 pm
Indiana Mustangs - Lake County Steelers

Field 3 - 7x7 Field
4:00 - 4:30 pm
Kosciusko County Mustangs - Lake County Steelers
4:40 - 5:10 pm
Indiana Mustangs - Indiana Titans
5:20 - 5:50 pm
Randolph County Cougars - Force of Illinois

Indiana Mustangs, MCFL
Primary Contact: James Stamper
Telephone: 765-451-0790
E-mail: <>
Wearing Orange home jersey

Randolph County Cougars, Midwest Football League
Primary Contact: Zeb Sutton
Telephone: 765-857-2570
E-mail: <>
Wearing home jersey

Kosciusko County Mustangs, Interstate Football League
Primary Contact: Bart Brower
Telephone: 260-244-6811
E-mail: <>
Wearing Orange home jersey

Indiana Titans, Mid-States Football League
Primary Contact: Delane Richhart
Telephone: 574-291-2406
E-mail: <>
Wearing White away jersey

Force of Illinois, Mid-States Football League
Primary Contact: Joey Gomez
Telephone: 708-359-4554
E-mail: <>
Wearing White away jersey

Lake County Steelers, Mid-States Football League
Primary Contact: Bob Crowder
Telephone: 219-741-3434
E-mail: <>
Wearing White away jersey

James A. Stamper
Delphi Electronics & Safety
P.O. Box 9005
Kokomo, IN 46904-9005
765.451.0733 (fax)
E-mail: <>

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