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American Football Association Newsletter July 25, 2013

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"Where Semi-Pro/Minor League Football Legends Live Forever"
American Football Association Newsletter
July 25
, 2013
Volume 8, Issue  12
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AFA Hosts Successful 33rd Annual Semi-Pro Hall of Fame Inductions

Canton, OH (June 29, 2013) - The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio was the site for the American Football Association's 33rd Annual Semi-Pro Hall of Fame Induction Dinner on Friday June 28th. Twenty individuals representing semi-pro football teams across the country were enshrined as 'legends' of their level.  




Webcast archive video of the 2013 Hall of Fame Induction now available

(click here) Copies of this video can be obtained by contacting 315-782-8383: Office or 315-783-2171


AFA 2013 Hall of Fame Induction Photo Slideshow (click here) 

 AFA now offers AFLAC   flac

AFA members now have discounted rates for AFLAC benefits available to them. Aflac pays you cash if you are hurt or sick and compliments any other benefits you already have! This Accident Plan: Pays you cash for services you or a family member may have due to any injury.  On or off the job. Pays cash dollar amounts for different treatments. This plan is perfect for players needing accident coverage; Leagues signing up can take advantage of our special opportunities for billing. Just send email to amerfoot@aol.com  for inquiries 

AFA Hall of Fame Premium Products From Jostens 
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- Custom Etched Rosewood Ring Display Box
- Crystal Prism Clock
- Men's Fossil Watch 


Nationwide over 7 million high school students play interscholastic sports and every year ¼ of them or a little over 1.7 million graduate.  Almost 400,000 of graduating athletes want to play their sport in college.  If you want toyou're your student recruited, you have to promote them as a STAND OUT ATHLETE in the coach's mind. 

Just sign on to www.RecruitU2.Com, enroll your student athlete, complete their profile and enter the coupon number AFA2013 and save $50 from the initial service fee.


When you enroll your student athlete ($299) your annual AFA dues ($25) are waived for that current year savings $75. Enroll now so that COACHES can contact your student athletes before it's too late!


Now Soliciting 2013 AFA Team & League Membership Applications Team Membership applications are now being accepted for the 2013 season. We are proud to have the National Public SafetyEmpire Football Ironman Football Mason Dixon Football  and Wisconsin State Football Leagues as the first leagues to join as members to join for 2013. Click AFA Member Teams to see who else has joined to take advantage of our services.........


The annual membership fee to join the AFA remains $100 "per team" which provides a benefit package that is easily 10x this fee. Team membership applications can be downloaded by clicking: AFA Team/League Memberships

YAVAY Welcomes the AFA

YAVAY is a comprehensive directory or planning tool that provides a broad, transparent view of the sponsorship landscape for members. 

YAVAY puts properties in front of those decision-makers at the time they are making those important decisions. Simply put, YAVAY is an online dating service for the sponsorship industry.  YAVAY is an AFA League Membership Benefit. 


Alumni Membership Fulfillment packages are on the way to recent applicants. Membership remains at $25 per individual and 
is open to anyone and everyone that, at one time or another, had been (or still is) involved with a semi-pro team and/or league. The Semi-Pro Football Alumni Club is co-sponsored by the AFA National Association and the Members of the AFA Hall of Fame Alumni. Just click AFA Alumni Membership  

AFA Alumni Missing In Action

Please email us if you know the whereabouts of the following: 

William F.




Class of '02

Steven D




Class of '96

Edward D.




Class of '90

Thomas J.




Class of '97





Class of '00





Class of '04





Class of '04





Class of '00





Class of '96





Class of '07





Class of '01





Class of '96

AFA News & Media Clips   



AFA 8 Man Football National Championship 

The stage has been set! The first ever sponsored AFA 8 Man Football National Championship game will feature two teams, the Silver State Assassins of the Great West Football League, and the St. Louis Stars of the 8FL. The show down will take place on August 3rd in beautiful Las Vegas, NV. Both teams and leagues are qualified members of the AFA. So if you are in the Vegas area, take some time to see some quality fan friendly football. 

Location: Charlie Frias Park; 4801 S. Decatur Blvd; Las Vegas,  NV

Time: 8pm 

Date: August 3rd, 2013



BINGHAMTON,NEW YORK - (JUNE 20, 2013) - Macy's will partner with the American Football Association to invite customers to participate in Macy's eighth annual national "Shop For A Cause" charity shopping event on August 24, 2013. Teams interested in participating in this fund raiser should contact us at amerfoot@aol.com
The AFA has just partnered with the CharityMania! to provide fund raiser opportunities to teams and leagues. "CharityMania provides unique sweepstakes fundraisers based on the excitement of professional and college sports. Organizations will sell CharityMania Tickets to raise money and keep 70% as profit.


Bulldogs look to bite back with new look this year
The Tri-City Bulldogs of the Wisconsin State Football League are joining forces with a team from Milton for this season only, giving the team an expanded roster and hope that 2012's 0-10 record will soon be a distant memory. "Last year, we did well ...
RAIDERS RUNNING ATTACK PAVES WAY TO VICTORY Racine Extends Winning Streak to 18 Games
July 22 (WILLIAMS BAY, WIS.) - The Racine Raiders were without regular starting quarterback Craig McClelland and wide receiver Dorian Palmer on Saturday night against the Lake Geneva Generals in Williams Bay, Wis. The running game picked up the slack and led the Raiders to a 44-29 win.
Grizzlies, Lytle begin another season
ASHEVILLE - Phil Lytle has been coaching semipro football so long that some of his current players are sons of those he coached more than 25 years ago. "I'm getting their children now," said Lytle, who will begin his 38th season as a semipro coach ....member AFA Hall of Fame Class of 2006. 
 Elmhurst Travelers AFA Alumni Club  - Aside from the AFA National Association's concerns for bringing recognition to today's market of semi-pro type teams and leagues - its desire to keep alive the memories of those who were associated with this level of the sport for the past 100 years has come to the forefront in the formation of the AFA's Alumni Clubs. The American Football Association has begun issuing "Charters" to team, regional and state alumni organization who qualify for official Alumni Club status.  (click) Elmhurst Travelers AFA Alumni Club 
VistaprintVisit ourAFA Vistaprint Marketing Center for Business Cards, Marketing Materials and branded print products.

AFA Initiates Eye Black Partnership


PFRA Coffin Corner: Vol. 31, No. 6 (2009) - Semi-Pro or Pro? by Bob Carroll. A great article examining the difference between a semi-pro player and a pro player. 


Outsiders II: Minor League and Independent Football 1951-1985 - by Bob Gill, Steve Brainerd and Tod Maher. Following the pattern set with Outsiders I (which covered 1923-1950), this volume covers the independent minor leagues of professional football from 1951 through 1985.   

Join Professional Football Researchers Association today. 


Mouthguard Detects Head Impact In Athletes

Despite the medical advancements and spike in concussion awareness during the past few years, the ability to quickly and accurately detect head impact in athletes is severely lacking.

David Burch, Chris Stepp and Kevin Van Valkenburg join "Outside the Lines" to discuss the dangers of average Joes gathering to play what they call "semi-pro" football. 


AFA SmartPhone App

The AFA Smartphone App is now available for download at Google 


Sports Concussion? Use Mobile Phone App Phone Diagnosis

Use the our collection of apps to ask a series of questions and the app will decide the chances that a player has actually suffered a concussion. The questions used come directly from the Centers for Disease Control. This app has a list of symptoms that will help in the decision to remove a player from a game or seek medical attention.  In fact, it has a "Return to Play" feature helping you decide when to allow the player to return to practice and game status.  Also comes with a feature to email a doctor, if further medical advice is needed. Just click Smartphone App to download....


American Football Association Hall of Fame

We continue to get phone calls and requests from folks confused about membership in the AFA's Hall of Fame. It appears that after 33 years, a few folks are still a bit confused regarding hall of fame membership. As a result, we have edited and published a more readable copy of our inductees from day one at American Football Association Hall of Fame Listing. 


American Football Association Hall of Fame Jackets - Now Available !!!..we are pleased to announce that AFA Hall of  Fame jackets are now available for purchase

directly from Chicago Knitting Mills.....and yes, they do have the plus sizes 2X -- 5X! Just send an email to amerfoot@aol.com
to obtain an order form.


Wilson NFL Footballs... New Wilson Footballs are now in stock. The price is $65/ball or $390 per case for new balls plus $20 shipping and handling for a total of $410 per case of six...to download form, click Wilson NFL Footballs.


AFA Broadcast Channel Goes Live

The AFA's live broadcast channel capability for video webcasts is now available for PCs, iPads and, Smartphones. Featured video includes weekly vintage and live video webcasts of events such as the Pottstown Firebirds Super Bowl Special, Kalamazoo Tornadoes AFA Championship, Past AFA Hall of Fame Inductions, AFA Member Game Broadcasts and special announcements. These weekly broadcast will accessible directly from our website and in additional to performances by some of our hall of famers, will also feature AFA sponsors. These broadcasts can also be accessed at......

Steve Weed Productions. 


AFA Membership Programs 

2013 AFA Alumni Club Membership - Are You A Card Carrying Member?
AFA Membership is open to anyone and everyone that, at one time or 

 another, had been (or still is) involved with a semi-pro team and/or league. Semi-Pro Football Alumni Club is co-sponsored by the AFA National Association and the Members of the AFA Hall of Fame Alumni. To join Just click AFA Alumni Membership App.


Lifetime AFA Memberships Now Offered for AFA Hall of Fame Members! Email amerfoot@aol.com with your interest.


American Football Association Benefits, Inc

The America Football Association recently established major partnerships with insurance companies to make comprehensive coverage products available for all AFA Alumni. AFA Alumni and where applicable their spouses and dependents, can now apply for insurance at competitive group rates.

It's now easy to join the AFA and apply for affordable insurance coverage with a special discount for being an AFA Alumni. For more info, please call 877-624-4485 or email AFABenefitsInc@americanfootballassn.com.


About the American Football Association: The American Football Association is a national 501(c) (3) non-profit, tax exempt corporation in its 33rd year of operation and is dedicated to the advancement of adult (semi-pro) football from coast-to-coast. Our slogan is Semi Pro & Proud®. We are not affiliated with any other national semi-pro/minor league organization (Minor League Football News, American Football News Today, American Football Hall of Fame, Minor Pro Hall of Fame, etc). The AFA, Hall of Fame, American Football News™ and AFA logo design are registered trademarks of the American Football Association. All other AFA-related trademarks are trademarks of the American Football Association.


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