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AFA Newsletter January 10, 2011 AFA Newsletter January 10, 2011
In This Issue:
•   2011 AFA Team & League Membership Campaign
•   Regarding National Bowl Games
•   AFA Membership Programs
•   Sponsor: Ambit Energy
•   AFA Member News Clips
•   Join Us On Facebook
2011 AFA Team & League Membership Campaign

Now is the time to renew your AFA Team and League Memberships for 2011.
-Opportunity to participate in the AFA's 2 Million Dollar General Liability Insurance Program; leagues receive insurance for league administrators with 100% team membership
-Ambit Energy League Fund Raiser (NY, IL, TX, MD)
-Team Funding Grant Opportunities via Prosper
-Access to discount pricing on official Wilson NFL 'blem' Footballs
-Team listing on AFA's website membership directory
-Players from member leagues qualify for All American status and Gold Ball Awards
-Personalized Gift Certificates that can be used for your fund raising raffles
-Membership Certificates and Membership Cards
-National and targeted press releases via the AFA's Press Release Engine®
-Access To Your Own Stats Portal via Webgamestats
-Quarterly Newsletter promoting AFA newsmakers
-Product sampling opportunities from Active Advantage
-Access to AFA membership logo products and the opportunity to sell your own products
-Leagues with 100% membership receive AFA banners with team names and AFA logo
-Opportunity to take advantage of legal service plans, lease loan reimbursement programs, medical and auto insurance plans
-Raffle Fund Raiser Certificates for leagues with 100% team membership
-Access to AFA sponsors, sponsorship programs and fund raising opportunities
-Opportunity to submit nominees to AFA's Semi Pro Football Hall of Fame
-Access to Merchant Services Accounts

2011 AFA Team & League Membership Application (click here)
AFA Membership Programs
2011 AFA Alumni Club Membership - Are You A Card Carrying Member?
Upon completing the mail in application, you will receive a special gift as part of your membership package.

AFA Membership is open to anyone and everyone that, at one time or another, had been (or still is) involved with a semi-pro team and/or league. Congratulations to Dick Rosati, Tony Iliano, Lawrence Haynes III, Mickey Morris, Mike Novickas, Barry Walters and Bill Callahan for being the 1st to join for 2011. The AFA Semi-Pro Football Alumni Club is co-sponsored by the AFA National Association and the Members of the AFA Hall of Fame Alumni. If you are interested in a 2011 membership application, just click:

2011 AFA Team & League Membership
Membership applications are now being accepted for the 2011 season. The annual membership fee to join the AFA is $100 "per team" which provides a benefit package that is easily 10x this fee. Congratulations to the Southern California Strikeforce, Wenatchee Valley Rams, the Santa Clarita Skyhawks, Bradenton Gladiators, Inland Empire Enforcers,the Anclote Pirates Football Club, the Ironman Football League and the National Public Safety Football League for being the 1st team/league signups for 2011. Team membership applications can be downloaded by clicking:

Hurray, limited number of AFA Hats, T-Shirts and Souvenier Glasses are available; just send an email to if interested.

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AFA Member News Clips
New faces, same goal for Gladiators
Minor league team hopes to reach title game
Some faces are new, but the goal remains the same.
That goal is to get to Daytona Beach on April 30.

Reaching the destination means the Bradenton Gladiators are playing for the Florida Football Alliance's championship -- something the minor league football team has never won in its history.
"The ultimate goal is to get to Daytona April 30th, and I think we have a real good chance of getting there," Wendell Faison said.

Iron Athletes L.L.C. purchases Ironman Football League
Ironman Football League announced today the purchase of the league by Iron Athletes, L.L.C. It is under the joint management of Tom Hawkins and Sean Burke. Mr. Hawkins has had experience with the league since 2006, when he founded the Blue Devils. He takes great pride in his ownership and management of this team. He has been part of the Burlington community for many years and looks forward to working with other communities for business and outreach opportunities. Iron Athletes, L.L.C. also welcomes Sean Burke as a co-manager. Sean comes to the league with over seven years of advertising and marketing experience and a breadth of knowledge for start-up and small businesses.

The new management is excited to work with all of the existing members and to grown membership and support in the communities. The co-managers noted that their visions for the future of Iron League, L.L.C include, "Expansion, better communication with teams and an all round better experience for players, staff, owners and the fans." The new owner and managers look forward to all of the opportunities and collaboration that this purchase will bring.

The new owners, Iron Athletes, L.L.C., would like to thank the previous owners of Ironman Football League for all of their hard work and dedication to the league. The special thank you is for Chris Chudada, Pete "Pudge" Narrai and Jordan Kopac. Their love of the league will be continued and honored. The transition of ownership will be assisted by Pete "Pudge" Narrai and Jordan Kopac to ensure that it is smooth and easy. Thank you again to the previous owners for all the wonderful years.

How Wilson manufactures NFL game footballs
Here is an inside look into Wilson's Ada, Ohio, football factory where all of the official NFL game balls are made. The video shows the step-by-step process that each football goes through.

AFA HAS BLEM FOOTBALLS IN STOCK; Price increased to $50/ball or $300/six pack effective 2011 By Jon R. Anderson - Staff writer
They don't play for money or to the roar of big crowds.
But for a growing number of military gridiron gladiators, the rise of semi-pro football is offering a second chance to play the game they love. And maybe, just maybe, some will have a shot at real glory. Meanwhile, old interservice rivalries are finding new life in unlikely places.

Roberson is the new energetic hub of community based sports activity. Check out Champions!, a celebration of Binghamton, New York's rich sports history. This exhibit will be on display for the next 12 months. The Empire Football League's TC Jets are prominently featured in this exhibit along with a continuous running video of the Albany Mallers vs. Jets 1997 EFL Championship. Next time you're in Binghamton, stop by to visit Roberson Museum's CHAMPIONS Exhibit. Click to view pictures

+ Semi-pro Football HQ Scoreboard
New features at . In the upper right hand corner of our home page is a "Search this Site" button with which you can search 12.5 years of information accumulated for player names, coaches, teams, leagues, etc.
Additionally, you can now view 2010 league champions from the 79 semi-pro football leagues across the USA.
Copyright (c) 1998-2011, Joe Hulsebus


Semi Pro Football Newsfeed
Regarding National Bowl Games
We have had a number of teams call us regarding the January Bowl Game series and confusion regarding the AFA's involvement. FOR THE RECORD, NONE OF THESE CONTESTS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE AMERICAN FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION.

Unfortunately, despite previous communications from the Family of the late Ron Real stating their position, the distraction of organizations/individuals attempting to use the name of Ron Real for a trophy/championship game continues. This is not only sickening but also extremely disrespectful! NO means NO !

We will continue to distance ourselves from organizations that characterize themselves as associates of the American Football Association………American Football News Today, the Ron Real Trophy, the Minor Pro Hall of Fame, Minor League Football News Hall of Fame, etc.

The AFA Board of Directors and family of the late Ron Real once again state that these groups/initiatives are unauthorized and have nothing to do with the AFA, the AFA Semi-pro Football Hall of Fame or the AFA's American Football News™ created by the late Ron Real, founder of the AFA.

American Football Association Website

Ron Real
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