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AFA Newsletter December 03, 2010

American Football Association AFA Newsletter December 03, 2010
In This Issue:
•   Frank Buzz Grady
•   Attempts To Use AFA Founder, Ron Real's Name Continue
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Frank Buzz Grady
It is with deep regrets, sorrow and sympathy that I inform you that Frank "Buzz" Grady, Elmhurst Traveler Football Alumnus and AFA Hall of Fame, Class of 2009, passed away on Thanksgiving Day, November 25,2010 in Englewood, Florida. He was 78 years old. Buzz was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in late June of this year. Deborah, Buzz's wife, will be holding a memorial service for Buzz sometime in the near future. As soon as I get the specific information from Debbie I will pass it on.

Those of you who knew and played with Buzz knew him not only as a hell of a football player but a fun loving guy who enjoyed life and a good time. Buzz was great to be around because he kept you loose with his care free attitude. It was great that he got a chance to enjoy his induction into the American Football Association Semi-Pro Hall of Fame in 2009. God bless him and his entire family.

Roman E. Strzala, President Elmhurst Travelers Alumni Association

Cards of Sympathy can be sent to:
Deborah Sirpilla
528 Dover Drive S
Englewood, Florida 34223
American Football Association
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AFA Member League News Clips
Welcome to Sports Legacy Institute
The mission of the Sports Legacy Institute is to advance the study, treatment and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups. SLI was founded in 2007 to "Solve the Sports Concussion Crisis," and in 2009, SLI launched programs to also serve our military veterans. SLI is primarily focused on the study of the degenerative brain disease Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE, a condition caused by repetitive concussive and sub-concussive brain injuries.

Revocation List To Be Posted By February
By Paul Clolery
SAN FRANCISCO – Some 320,000 of the nation's smallest nonprofits filed information forms with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) between January 1 and the October 15 deadline. Thousands more are expected to lose their exemptions because they have not filed.
The new rule also was a way to weed out the IRS' records of defunct nonprofits. Under the Pension Protection Act of 2006, tax-exempt organizations that do not file annual IRS Tax Form 990 returns (or at least an abbreviated version for the smallest nonprofits) for three straight years automatically lose their exemption. That third year is the 2009 tax year, and that deadline was May 15, which the IRS extended until today (Oct. 15) after a huge cry from the nonprofit sector.
Losing tax-exempt status means an organization would have to file income tax returns and pay income tax while donors would not be able to deduct contributions, and it would have to re-file for tax-exemption with the IRS.
Feel free to contact us at if your organization needs assistance!

Simple "Dee"lightful Cookies
Logo/Character/Photo Cookies PERSONALIZATION IS FREE!
Choose your favorite sports team or school logo. Select a character.or Email us your picture (subject to approval)
Just click By Jon R. Anderson - Staff writer
They don't play for money or to the roar of big crowds.
But for a growing number of military gridiron gladiators, the rise of semi-pro football is offering a second chance to play the game they love.
And maybe, just maybe, some will have a shot at real glory.
Meanwhile, old interservice rivalries are finding new life in unlikely places.

Roberson is the new energetic hub of community based sports activity. Check out Champions!, a celebration of Binghamton, New York's rich sports history. This exhibit will be on display for the next 12 months. The Empire Football League's TC Jets are prominently featured in this exhibit along with a continuous running video of the Albany Mallers vs. Jets 1997 EFL Championship. Next time you're in Binghamton, stop by to visit Roberson Museum's CHAMPIONS Exhibit. Click to view pictures

+ Semi-pro Football HQ Scoreboard
We added a new feature at . In the upper right hand corner of our home page is a "Search this Site" button. With it, you can search the 12 1/2 years worth of information we have accumulated for player names, coaches, teams, leagues, etc. Give it a try.
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Attempts To Use AFA Founder, Ron Real's Name Continue
Unfortunately, despite previous communications from the Family of the late Ron Real stating their position, the distraction of organizations/individuals attempting to use the name of Ron Real for a trophy/championship game continues. This is not only sickening and but also extremely disrespectful! NO means NO !

After just celebrating our 30th Anniversary, the many achievements of our founder Ron Real and 600 plus Hall of Fame members, and the positive image at our level that we continue to promote, the seriousness of this issue has become more paramount. We will continue to distance ourselves from organizations that characterize themselves as associates of the American Football Association………American Football News Today, the Ron Real Trophy, the Minor Pro Hall of Fame, Minor League Football News Hall of Fame, etc.

The AFA Board of Directors and family of the late Ron Real once again state that these groups/initiatives are unauthorized and have nothing to do with the AFA, the AFA Semi-pro Football Hall of Fame or the AFA's American Football News™ created by the late Ron Real, founder of the AFA.
Ron Real
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