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American Football Association Newsletter January 20, 2010

AFA American Football Association Newsletter 1/20/10
In This Issue:
•   AFA Kicks Off the 2010 Semi-Pro Football Season by Offering Cost Reduction to General Liability Insurance Coverage
•   AFA Team Membership
AFA Kicks Off the 2010 Semi-Pro Football Season by Offering Cost Reduction to General Liability Insurance Coverage
The AFA urges all adult tackle football teams and leagues to protect themselves against crippling lawsuits by buying quality General Liability insurance. The AFA recently earned for its member teams a $65 reduction in the cost of the annual policy premium. The new premium is now $350 per team per year instead of the previous year's $415 per team.

To keep up with the requests from organizations needing to team spectator liability coverage of at least $2 million, the national association for semi-pro teams and leagues has been able to continue providing that coverage for 2010.

The $2 million coverage will help teams whose school boards and municipal governments are insisting that the teams playing at their football facilities now carry the extended $2 million spectator liability insurance coverage.

Additionally, because of the number of years the AFA has been doing business with the Sadler and Company Insurance Agency, the AFA earned for its member teams a $65 reduction in the cost of the annual policy premium. The new premium is now $350 per team per year instead of the previous year's $415.

The AFA insurance policy now covers all team activities that are scheduled, sanctioned, approved, organized and supervised by the named insured, including practices, tryouts, clinics, operation of concession stands at covered activities, games, playoffs, end of season tournaments, promotional appearances, awards banquets, ceremonies and meetings. Fund-raisers will still be required to be pre-approved.

Many leagues make the mistake of allowing their teams to purchase coverage on an individual basis. When things are done this way, there is no coverage for the league itself and its directors and officers. Instead, the league should purchase the coverage under its own name and should pay a premium on behalf of 100% of all teams. This is the only way for the league to be covered - and it is free to the league assuming that the league can be reimbursed by the teams.

All Semi-Pro (Amateur Adult Tackle Football) teams and leagues joining the American Football Association (AFA) for 2010 qualify for participation in the national association's insurance program. The Insurance Carrier for the AFA policy is the Great American Assurance Company and the policy is issued through K&K Insurance Group, Inc. K&K is one of the worlds largest and most active insurance companies associated with amateur and professional sports. Through the cooperative efforts of both Sadler Sports and K&K Insurance, the AFA has managed to set its new policy effective dates to coincide with the national association's fiscal year of January 1st through December 31st of each year.

Teams wanting more information on the AFA's new Commercial General Liability Insurance program can contact Debbie at the Sadler Insurance Company sports department (800-622-7370) or visit

2010 Sadler General Liability Insurance Flyer -

American Football Association
AFA Team Membership
The annual membership fee for joining the AFA is $100 per team. Team membership applications are available via e-mail request from the AFA national office or by going to the AFA's website at

" I want to thank you for the leadership that you have provided my team during our venture into Semi-Pro football. Our most valued asset has been the investment we made for membership in the American Football Association. Your guidance during our recent fundraising drive netted our team a return of over $4000 - Daris Steen of the Florida Makos"

"We are grateful for your unlimited availability and willingness to assist at any hour on any matter related to football. The AFA has endless fundraising tools at a minimum cost that can provide significant returns for any organization - Daris Steen of the Florida Makos"

"The AFA is the only organization in the country that offers the level of services and a "Masters Degree" level of knowledge and education to the Semi-Pro football community. Any Semi-Pro team that is not a member in good standing with the AFA is doing their team a disservice. On behalf of Rev.Gary Wilder (President of the Palm Beach Makos & Florida Makos), our coaches, staff, and the entire Makos family. We send you a huge level of gratitude. "

AFA Team Membership
2010 AFA Alumni Club Membership - Are You A Card Carrying Member? For the next 60 days, AFA Alumni Club Membership is basically free. Upon completing the mail in application, you will receive a $25 gift certificate as part of your membership package, just in time for the holidays.

AFA Membership is open to anyone and everyone that, at one time or another, had been (or still is) involved with a semi-pro team and/or league. The AFA Semi-Pro Football Alumni Club is co-sponsored by the AFA National Association and the Members of the AFA Hall of Fame Alumni. If you are interested in a 2010 membership application, just click:

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