Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gulf Coast Raiders Join Southern States Football League


Gulf Coast Raiders                                                                          November 9, 2005

600 Cleveland Street

Suite 940

Clearwater, FL 33755


CONTACT: Denise Wampler, Director of Operations

TELEPHONE: (727) 466-0269 ext. 224



Gulf Coast Raiders Join Southern States Football League


(TAMPA BAY, FL) The Gulf Coast Raiders are the newest addition to the Southern States Football League (SSFL) for the 2006 season.


Over 150 players have been processed through four mini-camps hosted by the Raiders and talent has been drawn from multiple cities, including Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. The Raiders have taken a different approach from other SSFL teams, and do not charge players a fee to play. In addition, players are provided uniforms, transportation to and from games and ultimately given the opportunity to play football in a nationally recognized league.


Named after the four Marine Raider Battalions of the World War II, the GC Raiders have developed a philosophy that stresses advancement and personal growth.  Head Coach Michael Mink and the rest of the coaching staff view the Raiders team as a stepping stone for players with aspirations of playing football at the collegiate and professional level.


“Many of these players have so much talent and for whatever reason were unable to attend college and get the exposure that could help them reach the next level, whether it being the NFL or AFL. I believe this team will give these guys a second chance.”

—Coach Michael Mink


Lead by an experienced coaching staff, including former Detroit Lions Fullback James Jones, the Raiders are prepared to join the SSFL and to be recognized as the premier breakout football team of 2006.  Let the invasion begin…

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