Sunday, September 25, 2005


PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION FORMS: The sports organization should require that all three of the following forms be signed by both the sports participant and/or parent prior to the start of each season before the participant will be allowed to participate in any way: 

      1. Waiver / Release Of Liability
      2. Emergency Information & Consent
      3. Image Release

All three of these forms can be found in the Free Reports section under the heading League Safety Program at The Risk Management Officer is responsible for making sure that all legal forms have been collected at registration. The coaches must fully cooperate and make sure that no one steps on the field without 100% compliance.

A local attorney should review and approve all lease agreements for the use of facilities before being signed by the sports organization. The attorney must pay special attention to the
following provisions that are commonly found within facility lease agreements:

- Make sure that all hold harmless and indemnification clauses requiring the sports organization to assume the liability of the facility owner are fair. For example, it would not be fair for the sports organization to assume liability for a bleacher collapse if the bleachers were built and maintained by the facility owner.

- Clarify whether or not the lease makes the sports organization responsible for what happens at the facility just during official league events or for the entire year (365 days a year - 24 hours per day)? If the sports organization is responsible for 24-hour exposure, special arrangements must be made with the General Liability insurance carrier to add this coverage for an additional premium charge.

The Risk Management Officer is responsible for making sure that all facility lease agreements have been reviewed as outlined above by local legal counsel.

A complete copy of this Risk Management Program For Sports Organizations can be found by visiting the Free Reports section of our website at

John Sadler
Sports Insurance Specialist
Sports Risk Manager
Licensed Attorney
Founder of National Sports Lawsuit Protection Association

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